Customs clearance of cargoes

In case a foreign trade contract was already signed, but the client needs assistance with customs clearance, Expolcorp is ready to solve all problems associated with this step and act as a customs applicant and your representative in relations with the customs authorities.

We can provide both bundled services and individual customs clearance services, such as:

  • financial and legal advice in the field of foreign trade
  • search for desired products and manufacturers
  • analysis of domestic prices for commodities
  • assistance of a customs clearance agent, etc.

Information on costs of customs clearance of cargoes is available on the Prices page.

Customs clearance of goods and cargo. What documents are required?

  1. A contract
  2. Financial documents
  3. Shipping documents
  4. Technical specifications for the goods
  5. Constitutional corporate documents

Customs clearance workflow

Steps of the customs clearance procedure:

  1. Expolcorp draws up a customs declaration for the goods and selects HS codes
  2. Expolcorp submits an electronic declaration to the customs office
  3. We check if the submitted documents were inspected and accepted by the customs
  4. We obtain permit for release of the goods into the stream of commerce in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union
  5. Next, Expolcorp hands the cargo over to the client, with the cargo being completely customs-cleared. This frees the client from all worries associated with customs paperwork and legal formalities.