The cost of customs clearance

The cost of customs clearance includes the following:

  • Customs charges
  • Payments for obtaining the necessary permits
  • A commission for customs clearance procedure charged by a customs clearance agent (below)

Charges for customs clearance services

Services Charge
Bundled customs clearance service. Applicable in case shipment of goods was already arranged by the client, and only customs clearance is required. $200 — $350 per a shipping unit
Services provided separately
Selection of HS codes Free
Analysis of non-tariff regulatory measures Free
Calculation of customs charges Free
*Depending on the volume and frequency of shipments, the cost of services may be changed upon mutual agreement of the parties..
* Bundled customs clearance service include the following: preparation and validation of documents required to draw up a customs declaration; drawing up of a customs declaration;, submission of the declaration to the customs office; acceptance of the declaration by the customs; customs examination of the goods upon demand of the customs authorities. All other services are payable separately by agreement of the parties.

The charges may vary depending on several factors. Please, contact us by phone +7 (812) 600-42-49 to inquire exact information.

Factors affecting the cost of customs clearance

Customs charges depend on the rates of import customs duties and taxes charged in accordance with the Common Customs Tariff of the Customs Union. The amount of import customs duties and taxes is determined considering the cost of goods payable to a seller, and the product’s HS code according to FEACN of the Customs Union.

The cost of obtaining necessary permits depends on a type of documents submitted to customs authorities in order to comply with the requirements of state regulatory agencies. Document types are determined basing on a product’s code according to FEACN of the Customs Union.

The amount of commission for customs clearance depends on a type and a volume of cargo, frequency of shipments, and terms of cooperation with a customs clearance agent. Commission for our services may vary from $200 to $350 per a shipping unit.

Optimization of customs clearance costs

The best way to minimize costs for customs clearance is competent approach to selection of product codes according to FEACN of the Customs Union. This allows, with due observance of the customs legislation, to minimize expenditures arising from high rates of customs duties. Along with preliminary document analysis this helps to avoid additional costs.

In order to provide government support to exporters of Russian goods customs duties charged for exports of most goods from the Customs Union include only a fixed charge – 1000 RUB. According to the customs legislation, if a customs declaration is submitted in electronic form, amount of customs duties is reduced to 75% of the amount required by the law. Thus, the actual export customs fee for most goods amounts to 700 RUB per a customs declaration. However, it is worth considering that for certain commodities, e.g. crude oil, special export customs duties apply. In this case, an exporter must pay an export customs duty, the rate of which is determined in accordance with a customs commodity code under FEACN of the Customs Union, as well as customs charges depending on price of commodities payable by a buyer.