Expolcorp provides international and domestic shipping by air, sea, road and rail. We arrange the most optimal shipping route and select a carrier, keeping all client’s wishes and requirements in mind. We provide freight forwarding and insurance services in order to keep your goods safe in transit.

Shipping workflow:

  1. A client contacts «Expolcorp» and communicates all information necessary, that is:
    • points of shipment and destination
    • product name
    • nature of the cargo
    • volume, weight, size
    • type of packing
    • value of goods (in case the shipment is insured)
    • terms of delivery according to Incoterms 2010
  2. Specialist of «Expolcorp» handles the request:
    • selects a mean of transportation
    • makes a request for necessary information
    • elaborates optimal route taking the client’s requirements into account
  3. Expolcorp coordinates all shipping terms with the client
  4. Payment for shipping services is made
  5. If necessary, the cargo is collected at an address in Russia and transported to the Russian border crossing point or to a port/airport (depending on a chosen shipping method).
  6. Expolcorp handles all the paperwork at the customs, provides complete forwarding of the cargo.
  7. Once customs clearance is over, «Expolcorp» ships the goods to an address specified by the client (any point of the World or the Russian Federation).