Arrangement of import transactions

Expolcorp is ready to act as the importer of products you would like to offer your customers in Russia and the Customs Union. Our team has diverse and bountiful experience in cooperation with public supervisory authorities, which allows any foreign seller to sell his goods to a Russian buyer on a turnkey basis. Russian buyers of foreign goods often face the problem: once they bought goods from a foreign seller, they have to spend a significant time, effort and material resources to receive the goods on Russian territory.

As you arrange your operations with the assistance of Expolcorp, you save your customers from the following problems:

  1. Freight container tracking during shipping
  2. Interaction with freight forwarders and shipping lines
  3. Calculation and payment of customs duties
  4. Preparation and checking of shipping documents
  5. Preparation, filing and release of customs declaration
  6. Arrangement of transportation of goods from a temporary storage rehouse or a port
  7. Interaction with the currency regulation authorities
  8. Interaction with tax authorities

A lot of Russian buyers have no time or desire to deal with such issues taking loads of time and effort. With the help of Expolcorp, your customers will be able to purchase goods on a turnkey basis, i.e. customs-cleared and exempt from exchange control.

Expolcorp is able to consult you at any step of a foreign trade transaction: from search for a Russian buyer of foreign products to delivery of customs-cleared imported goods to a Russian buyer.

Import of goods to Russia: steps of a transaction

  1. A Russian buyer requests a foreign supplier to provide him with goods on a turnkey basis.
  2. The foreign seller contacts Expolcorp and provides information on the range of products, cost, amount and features.
  3. Expolcorp does the following:
    • Selects customs HS codes for goods
    • Analyzes aspects of import of such goods to the territory of the Customs Union
    • Checks if it’s necessity to obtain permits for goods
    • Calculates customs duties required to clear goods for import to the Customs Union
    • Calculates the cost of logistics operations required to transport the goods to and within the territory of the Customs Union
  4. If the buyer is satisfied with the terms, Expolcorp orders goods from the foreign seller
  5. Expolcorp on its own behalf sorts out all the paperwork related to the international import transaction, which includes:
    • Working out the contract;
    • Registration of the international transaction in a bank;
    • Completion of customs declaration;
    • Obtainment of necessary certificates and permits.
  6. Our specialist draws up all domestic documents with the Russian buyer, including the contract, invoices, and delivery notes.
  7. The Russian buyer makes a payment to Expolcorp in Russian rubles.
  8. Expolcorp makes a payment to the foreign supplier in a relevant foreign currency.
  9. The supplier dispatches the goods.
  10. The goods arrive to the Russian customs and remain at customs warehouse, while Expolcorp gets all documents ready on its behalf.
  11. Once customs clearance is complete, Expolcorp prepares all shipping documents to collect the cargo from the customs. Then goods are delivered to the buyer.

The cost of imported goods for the Russian buyer includes the following

  • A foreign seller’s price;
  • A commission for customs clearance;
  • A commission for a currency transfer;
  • Shipping cost;
  • Customs fees and duties.