Arrangement of export. Customs clearance of exported goods

Organization of export from the Territory of Russia and the Customs Union on a turnkey basis – from search for a Russian supplier to execution of export transaction – is one of the key business areas for Expolcorp. Our team regularly arranges export of goods produced by Russian manufacturers to countries of CIS, the Customs Union, Europe, and the rest of the World.

Export of goods from Russia and the Customs Union

Expolcorp acts as a partner to a foreign buyer of goods produced in Russia and the Customs Union and serves as the exporter. Our team’s vast and prolific experience allows us to obtain quarterly refund of VAT on goods produced by Russian manufacturers. Thus, with the assistance of Expolcorp a foreign buyer can find a product that meets the most stringent requirements and buy it at the manufacturer’s price without extra charges. Our specialists will provide competent and comprehensive support throughout the course of a foreign trade transaction, which will make it easy and comfortable to obtain goods from Russia and the Customs Union.

Export of goods: workflow at a glance

  1. We receive initial order for Russian goods from a foreign buyer.
  2. Expolcorp’s manager handles the order, performs a search for products and suppliers/manufacturers, analyzes prices, and contacts the suppliers.
  3. All necessary shipping terms, characteristics of goods, etc. are discussed with and approved by the foreign buyer.
  4. We сonclude sales contracts with manufacturers according to Russian law and obtain necessary certificates, technical specifications, etc.
  5. Next we negotiate and conclude an international contract with the foreign buyer and obtain transaction certificate from a foreign exchange control department of an authorized bank.
  6. Next the manufacturer sends Expolcorp an invoice including VAT. We make the payment and arrange transportation to our own warehouse in St. Petersburg or Moscow.
  7. Meanwhile, our team prepares a complete set of shipping documents, collects information necessary for customs clearance, obtains technical specifications, selects custom tariff codes. Every step is coordinated with the buyer.
  8. Once the said details and a shipment date are approved, we complete the customs declaration and submit it to the customs authorities of the Russian Federation.
  9. The cargo is dispatched to the foreign buyer from our warehouses, along with complete set of necessary documents.

The cost of exported goods for a foreign buyer includes the following

  1. A manufacturer’s price including VAT;
  2. Commission for customs clearance (not applicable for countries of the Customs Union);
  3. Additional costs (certification, warehouse services, transport costs).