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Drawing on extensive experience in foreign markets, we can offer you a solution to all issues related to the implementation of export or import transactions on Russian territory.

We will quickly and efficiently carry out the following for you:

  • Export transactions
  • Import transactions
  • Customs clearance of goods
  • Shipping of goods to a recipient

Our mission is to expand and strengthen foreign economic relations of Russian companies with foreign partners.

Our goal is to save time and funds of our client, and consequently, to achieve maximum economic efficiency of your business.

We work in foreign markets as an exporter/importer of various goods, as well as provide all services necessary for the implementation of foreign trade transactions.

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We communicate with you to find out what goods you want to purchase or sell and find the most suitable suppliers or buyers in Russia
We contact suppliers or buyers, discuss terms of sale or purchase with them, and arrange a transaction
We sign a contract, you fund the transaction between us and the importer or the exporter
In case you wish to sell goods on Russian territory, we transport the goods from your country to Russia, carry out customs clearance and sell it to your Russian customer. In case you wish to buy some Russian goods, we complete all necessary export procedures at the Russian customs and hand the goods over to you or another consignee abroad.
You or your Russian buyer/supplier receive the goods that are completely cleared, without any problems with the customs!

Learn how to get customs clearance for your freight

International transactions arrangement services

Результат нашей работы

Expolcorp LLС renders services in the field of international transactions implementation for more than 10 years. Along the way we acquired extensive experience of cooperation with such countries as Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Poland, the USA, Montenegro, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Slovenia, England, China, Korea, Japan, Germany, and Turkey.

Our clients and partners are active in various sectors of economy: cosmetics, household chemicals, household goods, souvenirs, car spare parts, agricultural machinery, defense industry, bentonite, machines and equipment. However, the list is not definitive, and we will gladly arrange and complete export or import operation with goods you are interested in. We work both with bulk and small deliveries.

Export of goods

Our company acts as an exporter of Russian goods. We will search for any goods or raw materials in Russia and sell it to a foreign partner at a manufacturer's price. We will draw up our contract with you, complete all customs procedures, collect all necessary certificates, pass foreign exchange control in Russia, handle and dispatch the goods to your address.

Import of goods

Our company acts as an importer and receives foreign goods on Russian territory. Acting as an exporter of Chinese goods you can offer your Russian buyers completely cleared goods already on the Russian territory. They will buy your goods from the Russian company. This makes your current or potential customer free from the obligation to interact with various fiscal authorities and foreign exchange control departments of banks. Thus, he will place an order for your products more willingly and quickly.

Our advantages

FastWe have a lot of experience with customs and other government agencies
EfficientWe have long-time partnership with the largest transport companies (air, railway, automotive, etc.)
ConvenientWe have our own warehouses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Blagoveshchensk
ProfitableWe deliver goods to a buyer door-to-door, with all necessary accompanying documentation

About us

Long time ago Expolcorp LLC started to develop its export arrangement services with just 3 clients. Today we have strong business relationships with more than 50 clients (about 10 of them are few of the largest companies in Russia and abroad).

Along the way we have built robust and well-structured cooperation with various fiscal authorities (tax office, customs, and banks) and developed detailed instructions on work with these agencies.

Our company is solid young team of very responsible and benevolent experts.

Our team

  • Maria Makhina CEO
  • Tatyana Panteleeva Senior Accountant
  • Alla Belykh Head of foreign trade department
  • Makarova Olga Customs clearance expert
  • Sergey Kanaev Customs clearance expert
  • Olga Mishenina Manager of foreign trade department
  • Denis Bestayev Manager of foreign trade department
  • Ekaterina Bondarenko Accountant
  • Aleksander Semenov Assistant of logistics manager
  • Andrew Vasiliev Head of customs operations department


We are grateful to our partners for such kind words!

  • Doktor Tea LLC

    Doktor Tea LLC can characterize Expolcorp LLC as reliable and responsible business partner who discharges obligations properly. Your manager Olga Mishenina proved herself as responsible and reliable expert capable of making decisions and bearing responsibility for results. She is benevolent and communicative. We aim for mutually beneficial and long-lasting cooperation with Expolcorp LLC. Gusachenko T.

  • Mirrolla LLC

    The Mirrolla Group would like to express its gratitude for your services. Within a year of cooperation employees of your company proved themselves as professional and highly qualified specialists.
    Akopdzhanyan G.

  • Fitosila LLC

    Should we need to ship goods abroad, we contact Expolcorp LLC. Our company has been using services of Expolcorp LLC for 7 years by now. Along this long way we have found mutual and, most important, long-term partners. We are more than satisfied with foreign trade services provided and with performance of particular experts. Everything is always done in due time – shipments, payments. They are indeed very reliable and pleasant to do business with!
    Klepikova N.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the customs clearance agent services cost?

The cost of our services for you is minimal. When we arrange import to Russia, we charge commission for customs registration and a commission for transfer of currency. When we arrange export, we obtain our profit from VAT reimbursement and charge commission for customs registration.

Is it legal?

We work according to all legal standards. Transactions are approved by all supervisory authorities provided by regulations.

Can you guarantee success?

We guarantee accurate observance of contractual obligations, realistic terms, confidentiality and professionalism.

What is the standard term of customs registration?

Customs registration term directly depends on a term of a customs declaration release. The customs authority is obliged to release goods no later than one business day following a day, when customs declaration was registered.

How to complete customs transit procedure in the territory of the Russian Federation?

The order and conditions of customs transit procedure are described in detail in the Information section of our website and are accurately defined in chapter 32 of the Customs Code of the Customs Union.

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